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Smart, intuitive and so peaceful

Worth every cent. Looking forward to seing more stuff from you guys!


Great design and quite unique gameplay, very relaxing. A bit expensive though

love it

This game is so beautiful - its just very relaxing and simplistic, plus the music matches the feeling of the game really well. It might be a little more on the expensive side of things but if youre looking for a more innovative puzzler to take your mind off of things, you should go for it!

Beautiful but gameplay pruned too early

What a unique idea and how pleasing to play. But far too expensive for the length. Just as you feel it will flourish into complex brilliance its over.

Great design

A great looking game that quickly becomes addictive. More levels would be nice at some point. Until then, Im gladly paying some money to see a beautifully designed game (both the visuals and the sound).

Nice but too short

Nice but too short


Gorgeous but far too short. Please more levels.

Beautiful! Very relaxing

I really enjoy this game. It blurs the line between what is art and what is a game well. The music and ambient sounds are great. The only drawback might be the starting pricepoint.

Has potential,

Its a soothing game, even when its a bit frustrating to get through some levels. Yes, it has levels, its a bit disappointing this turned out to be a puzzle per stage type of game rather than just a free for all grow whatever tree you like. Nowhere in the description does it say this was a puzzle game, so now you know, its a tree growing puzzle game to bloom flowers.


Should have a area to create your own tree that will need to be pruned. The price is to high for what is available at the moment. If they add more content maybe it could justify the price. Game is fun but not worth any more then 1.99 I feel robbed.

Beautiful, but short

This a beautiful game - it reminds me of Monument Valley. I just wish it was longer - I completed the whole thing in about an hour. Makes the price a bit steep.

Needs more

Its beautiful, enjoyable, and too short. Hopefully the creator will add more content.


I am playing this game on a fifth generation iPod Touch! This game is beautiful. The art, though minimalistic, is lovely. The music compliments this wonderfully. This game, in my opinion, is probably best played on an iPad, however, it isnt impossible to play on a iPod! This game is short. Im not finished yet, but I read reviews prior to buying it and it is short. However, I personally enjoy just going back and crafting the trees in different ways. Its interesting. Its fun. Somebody else compared this to Monument Valley - not in that the gameplay is similar, but in that its short. Its short and it also feels like an experience. Its a beautiful, relaxing game. I would recommend it to anybody who enjoys relaxing games. Is the price steep? In my opinion, no, simply because of how well made it is. You can tell the developer put a lot of effort into it. That being said, Ive noticed some annoyances. Im sure this is because Im on a smaller screen. And the game is only just released, so its not quite perfect. 1.) It keeps automatically zooming in when I zoom out. Im not sure why, but its rather annoying. I zoom out to see branches I can cut/what that branch leads too and so that when I cut it I can see what happens to the rest of the tree. If I want to zoom in, I will. 2.) *SPOILERS* In the "World 3" levels (I think) you drag about that little black circle to control (more or less) where the tree grows. I find that when I go to control this it doesnt always work out and sometimes it registers as a swipe and a branch gets cut. *This isnt a game breaker! I could still complete all the levels, just thought I should point it out*

Shouldve been free, too short & basic.

Just when the game mechanics start to get interesting, the game runs out of challenges. Nothing entirely unique about this game; there are other puzzles with growing structures, which may be more interesting because theres more to manage. The simplicity is fine, if the game was free. Wouldve also liked to see something educational, such as literature on actual pruning or discussion on Fibonacci sequences, etc. Bottom line: Frustratingly basic to be putting a price on it, and too short.

Price $$$

The game is really great, but for that price there should be much more levels!

Short and sweet

It took me less than 2 hours to finish and it costs about 5$ so you can decide if thats a good deal, Im just giving you the facts. The game is quite good and relaxing, well polished too.

Fun but too expensive

This would easily be a 5 star game if it wasnt so short and expensive. For the amount of content, it should be, at most, $1.99. The game is a lot of fun and very pretty, but not worth the price.

Interesting, but too short

Title says it all ! Hope more content will be added soon.

Beautiful. Highly recommended.

Prune is one of the most beautifully executed and designed games Ive played in the last 10 years. Highly recommended!


Beautiful game, but; too short, should have been free or - $2. Not near enough for the price. Hope they add more levels.

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